FilterCopy | Tata Tea Gold | Dil Ki Suno Stories 2.0 | Ep 2 - Go Getter | Ft. Vaibhavi & Viraj

18/03/2021 को प्रकाशित
Presenting episode 2 of Tata Tea Gold’s #DilKiSuno Stories 2.0 by #FilterCopy!
Will Kritika while on her quest to have her own identity, roll up her sleeves for the challenging yet the dream corporate job or would she join the family business? With such a dilemma, would she listen to her heart and choose what it yearns for?
Dil ko na kahoge toh pachtaoge.
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Sripriya Yegneswaran

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Shaani Singh

Kulbir Kaur
Pawan Chopra
Pyaraly Nayani
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Vijay Kumar
Viraj Ghelani

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  • Have you experienced a similar dilemma between your head and heart? Tell us about the time when you listened to your heart and how it changed your life - in the comments below using the hashtags #DilKiSuno #TataTeaGold

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