FilterCopy | Savage Engineers | Ft. Aditya Pandey, Dhanesh Dogra & Pyarali Nayani

10/02/2021 को प्रकाशित
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  • Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Which savage reply did you like the most😍 Follow us on Instagram ➡️

    • Bro for roasting you wasted paper in the end plz don't do this again and then start save fokd first save paper then talk okay

    • *Love_life_problem_Solved_by_Priyanka_Baid* #Mindsmagicbypriyankabaid 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    • Are Bhai kbi CA ke liye b banayiye koi video...content me deta hu lage toh... I know views thode kam aayenge but new subscriber's jrur milenge 🤘

    • Don't waste paper please

    • Salman Khan's

  • Op !!

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  • §

  • Aditya you smoke in real life Only ultra legend can find whyy 🔥

  • Given savage reply to boss = getting fired

  • The guy is so handsome ❤️😂

  • At 3:37, I'd reply"Bro there is no shortage of life in the world, so JEENA BAND TARDE

  • 😅rare coincidence, actor role is of a person who is software engineer|involved in it. I am also a computer engineer😅filtercopy being too relatable. .

  • 2:32 he was saying "you are fired"

  • Har punch pr music baja dene se...aur artificial tears nikal dene funny ho jata h

  • I thought you copied only the title from Jordindian. The concept as well as expressions are copied... Bakwas

  • Aditya look like a movie hero

  • But the 2nd point is true af

  • I think after these comebacks we will be homeless by the next day we do it..

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  • Savage reply hi kaam aate h engineers k liye, har jagah beizzati hi krte h log. Family se lekr duniya tak

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  • At last engineer's

  • I and my boyfriend broke up I want out to my friends house and I told what happen

  • background music is mast

  • He looks like rawnee

  • overacting

  • Aditya is so cute

  • He looks like rawknee

  • 1:05 Pardeep khetrapal 😂

  • *_Most of their video for quite sometime looks like they are trying desperately to be funny !_*

  • Engineers are really unique people; they help in building, programming, running, powering, gadgetizing and electrifying the world.

  • Bhai pe jaana ka nahi 😅😅

  • 0:13 that laugh 🤣

  • Tesla goes to space.... 😌

  • Aditya has lost weight.

  • I like the gf part ... it's awesome...😎😎

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  • Chutiya video

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  • 0:46 👏

  • Aditya's reactions are more epic than his comebacks.

  • I have never seen so many unnecessary laugh tracks on parts that are so unfunny.

  • 1:42 looks like jadu (Akash dodeja)

  • Is he a doppelganger of viraj i mean at scenes he looks exactly like that

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  • Calling someone an engineer is itself a burn 🔥 🔥 🔥

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  • The most shitiest video I have ever seen

  • Successfully wasted 4:12 minutes of our life

  • Plz savage doctors par bhi bana do, medical students and neet aspirants

  • Am i the only one who could relate 02 27 to Krunesh talwar?

  • Alternative title: How to loose all your friends and job

  • I am still waiting for a video on WHEN YOU DATE A TAURUS ♉

  • Being an engineer I loved all the replies except the Thug life print outs... why waste paper bro when you can digitise that lil thing😎

    • Always explore things something new....

  • I have faced all this but i am not savage ..coincidence is my name is also aditya .

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  • Why he looks like rawknee

  • Dumb video

  • simply *O V E R A C T I N G*

  • Mana ki Filtercopy mein sab kuch badal gaya sab chale agye Ayush Apoorva Ayesha Rohan Barkha Ahsaas Viraj Dhruv Nayna Banerjee....Lekin kuch nahi badla woh hai Filtercopy ka office old memories yaad dila hai

  • Aditya pandey looks like Rawknee sir

  • Not even a smile moment (forget laugh)... The lamest comic video I've ever seen

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  • Everyone is flatters

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  • Mech Bois here

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  • Boss:Will this code work for tesla and space x? the savage engineer:Sir! Tesla aur space x space mein jaa rahe he.SIM card nahi bech rahe! relatable!!!

  • 0:38 IIT Delhi ❤️

  • student life savage means they don't go to school

  • Worst savage video I've ever seen; p.s. If u say that you're just commenting and we are working on material. Then I can provide better script just comment below if u want

  • Wow I m not a engier but I love video because we are same students

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  • No one Literally no one: Filtercopy: SALMAN KHAN ANOUNCES NEW MOVIE "EJ THA ENGINEER "

  • 4:10 printer is a paid actor