FilterCopy | Dil Ki Suno Stories 2.0 | Episode 1- 35 and Single | Ft. Anuj Sachdeva, Ritika Murthy

8/03/2021 को प्रकाशित
This #WomensDay, we bring you Anjali's story who is faced with a dilemma.
It’s a story of what the mind says VS what the heart wants, one where both are right in their own ways.
To find out how she addresses her dilemma, watch the first episode of Tata Tea Gold’s #DilKiSuno stories 2.0 presented by #FilterCopy.
Dil ko na kahoge toh pachtaooge.
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Sripriya Yegneswaran
Preksha Khanna
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Ritika Murthy
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  • Where are next episodes

  • There is no problem being career oriented exactly like a man. The only concern is the productivity reducing because how much ever modern we are woman still have to carry babies not men. The employers should actually create a conducive environment for women! And research shows later the babies higher the risk of breast cancer

  • Why I can't get these type of girls who know how to balance both life & career!

  • I can't imagine in India doing job in company or any where ,no one is trying to pull your leg to not to reach high I , just can't believe

  • Arrey wah Norway ke barey mein india main bhi pata chal gaya, abhi tak sirf Sweden yan Denmark use hote dekha hai pehli bar Norway ka sun ke acha laga 😅😍 lots of love from norway 🇳🇴

  • ❤️❤️

  • Itna networking mere liye kabhi nahi hua

  • Overacting by her

  • Filter copy has grown up. Nowadays mature content on filter copy

  • 35 ke baad dil ke baat kaha hoti hai... totally make up kiya hai.. not real.. replace age from 35 to 25, genuine lagega

  • This is y it's said that girls who do too well in their career stay single

  • I dont know why in all web series they show young generation run away from marriage.. this is very wrong msg.. its always imp to havw own identity and career.. even if gal/guy wont marry till 40-50or stay single all life.. unki life he.. but truth is human is social person.. at certain point of life money, position, career wont make happy.. frds will b busy in own life and only thg remaining will be loneliness.. that is why its imp to hce balance.. in all movies n web series i see.. parents are behind their daughter or son to get marry and they run away.. i find it such a wrong msg.. nowdays everyone is running behind money and pisition.. no one wants to see happiness lying behind family and small gestures within family.. sad reality

  • Basically a nice ad for Tata tea Gold

  • Wanted another episode 👍👏

  • Dil kya chata hain woh e to samaj mein nahi aata😖😖

  • The end to this episode was not good. It would have ended in a way that Udit should have supported Anjali & agrees to wait till eternity. Not talking about Bloody Bollywood Romantic Movies. However, men do listen to women's Dil Ki Baat. I know this series is about Women Empowerment & stuff. Still felt like sharing my opinion because as a man I can wait till eternity for my woman by supporting her in every decision of hers.

  • This house is from minus one. I love this house ❤️❤️

  • Udit aur Anjali ki love story me aage kya hoga Aage ki story kb release hogi Filter Copy????????

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  • Dil ki sunne ke liye puri family se ladna pdega..this is the kind of society we live in.

    • really dear.... but when u fight then only we have uniqueness and cool mindset in ourselves ....

  • To end kya hua is ka??? I thought next part bhi aye ga

  • Norway is also in Europe

  • Will there be a second episode for this..

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  • That little boy was chang changezi in aladdin nam toh suna hoga😀

  • Career comes first always..compromises can b made later as expected always by a woman..take care of urself first to make others realize Ur choice matters❤️

  • I don't need jd mart

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  • Any school and college students here ?? 😍😍

  • Going to watch the whole series 💓💓

    • Glad you enjoyed this. Spread the word around and let this inspire as many people as possible to listen to their heart. Stay tuned for the next episode. #DilKiSuno

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  • We have lose things what we need as much as more important that we couldn't get from anyone else or anywhere..but must take it a correct decision otherwise making life calls loser.. whatever it is 🙄..right person have right to all but if it is for a wrong one..we lose not only life social status we broke up in to deep very deeply by mentally and physically 🤷 think before do 🙄don't be a victim especially to is one in that every single minutes are precious 🙏 noone can get it back noone even god too🤕

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  • This girl is like tapsi pannu who agree???

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  • *The video was good undoubtedly but without the screaaam at the end "and for more freshly brewed content, keep watching filtercopy", it felt incomplete.* 😭😣🤧

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    • Glad you enjoyed this. Spread the word around and let this inspire as many people as possible to listen to their heart. Stay tuned for the next episode. #DilKiSuno

  • Agar aap career m acha kr rhe ho aur acha salary h aur age b jyada ho gya tab parents love marriage k liye b ready ho jate h 😆

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  • Wat was the last line said kyun ki