FilterCopy | When You Are A K-Drama Fan | Ft. Anant Kaushik & Diksha Juneja

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Let us all Crash Land into the K-Drama world❤️
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  • Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us your Top 5 Korean dramas 😍and don't forget to share this video with all the K-Drama fans❤️ Follow us on Instagram ➡️

    • Goblin- The great and lonely god What's wrong with secretary Kim? Hwarang Hotel del Luna Itaewon class

    • Love o2o

    • Penthouse war in life S1 n S2 is going on❤️ Sweet revenge S1❤️ True beauty❤️ Crash landing on you ❤️ Mr.Queen❤️

    • 1.True beauty 2.Descendants of The Sun 3.Heirs 4. Boys over flowers 5.To the Beautiful You

    • Tail of the nine tailed True beauty Its ok to not be okay A teen Desendents of the sun

  • Anybody has seen W (Lee jong suk)

  • Deseants of sun and boys over flowers 😘😙

  • So true so true 😂😂 C dramas too

  • Bc k drama se zyada acha to krk h

  • my girlfriend is an alien....I have watched it more than 10 times...waiting for part 2!!!

  • Descendants of the sun Weightlifting fairy Kim bok Joo W two worlds Dr romantic 2 Legend of blue sea

  • True beauty Playful kiss Gangman beauty Weightlifting fairy What's wrong with secretary Kim

  • Descendents of the sun My love from the Star Love Alarm (2 Seasons) Start Up It's okay to not be okay ❤️ Sarangheo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Descendant of the Earth Heirs It's ok to be not ok Legend of the seas Hotel Del Luna and many more

  • 1 suspicious partner 2 my girl 3 well dominated love 4 descendent of the sun 5 vincenzo

  • hit the top, w- two worlds, its okay not to be okay ,goblin, and my id is gangnam beauty

  • 1. Doctors 2. THE MOMENT OF EIGHTEEN 3. ONE SPRING NIGHT 4. HWARANG 5. Descendants of sun

  • i am also loved too watch k drama and c drama .. huge crush on k drama actors

  • My top 5 is 1. Start-up 2. Descendants of the Sun 3. Crash Landing on you 4. Love Alarm 5. Fullhouse

  • Can u please make a video about being a 🖤BLΛƆKPINK💗 fan in India cause I am one

  • Hey guys

  • TRUE BEAUTY KDRAMA FANS ❤️❤️ Team suho or team seojun ?

  • Any " tale of the nine tale" fan here??

  • Am I the only one who's not like this 😐

  • Aiishhh 😂👌🏽👌🏽

  • Well someone please talk abt Vincenzo

  • I absolutely love this video. I have recently gotten into K-Drama and I honestly can't get enough of it. Everything about their world, storyline, characters and soundtrack just gets your complete attention. Though I live in Canada, I relate to this video since all I do now is talk about K-drama with my family and friends lol Keep up the great work guys!!

  • 1. True beauty 2. Extraordinary you 3. My Id is Gangnam beauty 4. Revenge note 5. Top Management Cha eun-woo is my life❤ Saranghe guys

  • 1 true beauty 2 my secretary kim 3 W two worlds 4 descendant of the sun 5 it's okay not to be okay 6 start up 7 Del luna 8 boys over flowers 9 heirs 10 crash landing on you These are dramas that I have watched more than 5 times

  • Why no one has mentioned 'While you were sleeping' ?? 😱😱

  • True beauty Sassy go goo Pretty li hui zhen High school love on Heirs

  • tempted extraordinary you love alarm goedam a love so beautifu

  • I like Korean men because Korean man faces are are shaved but in india beard is famous but from my opinion I hate man with beard .

  • Sweet home Law school Tail of the nine tailed Extraordinary you Who are you

  • i like chinese drama more 😁 have u watched... sweet first love sweet thing called first love fairyland lovers my girlfriend is an alien go ahead.. have u watched these? you can watch these in we tv , trust me all these dramas are amazing specially 'sweet first love' and 'fairlyland lovers' and for kdrama... two worlds pop out boys boys over flowers big boss devil master true beauty hwarang revenge note 1 these are amazing 😁😁

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • My Top-5 K-drama list Put Your Head On My Shoulder A Love So Beautiful(Chinese) Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Jo My Secret Romance Meteor Garden

  • Here I am a real kdrama die heart fan

  • Hwarang is my 💘

  • And the main problem is that they hella addictive n u just can't stop watching it u end up wasting 6-7 hours or more than that after that thinking about that series for days n imagining the fairy tale🙄

  • Hi army any indian army here

  • Immma bts fanboyyyyyyyyy

  • my top 4 ones are 1. legend of the blue sea 2. the king 3. boys over flowers 4. a love so beautiful.........

  • omg lee Min ho....😍😍soo good looking

  • It's OK not to be OK or love alarm kidhar hai 🙂🙂

  • My fave Kdrama's are: Playful Kiss True Beauty Doctor Stranger Mr.Queen Extra-Ordinary you

  • Me when she was listing the drama. Done.. done.. done...😂😂😂

  • Crash landing on you was in first n

  • Ok dokey o

  • True beauty The tale of nine tailed Melting me softly K2 Flowers of evils

  • Same when ever tell about korea my mom said tu korea hi chali ga

  • Once you get into them , then you will just hate those american / indian shows where ppl meet and start kissing and doing stuff already Now we want that slow development and waiting

  • Prison Playbook Hospital Playlist Chicago Typewriter Fiery Priest Vincenzo

  • What's that song at 1:30 ? Plz do reply need to listen that's really smoothing.💕

  • Mine favourite k-drama ❤️Who are you ❤️My cooking love recipe ❤️My id is gangnam beauty ❤️True beauty I love c-drama also a lot,like ❤️Loveo2o ❤️Put your head on my shoulder ❤️A love so beautiful ❤️youth And many more ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I can feel it ❤️❤️

  • It's okay to not be okay 😗😗 Extra ordinary you 👍👍👍

  • lee min ho>

  • Any Descendent of the sun fan here? 💜💜❤️❤️😍😍😍

  • True beauty Vincenzo Goblin Tale of nine tailed Hotel del luna Strong woman do bong soon Fight for my way

  • My fav are Descendants of the sun V-focus Entertainer Boys over flowers Heirs You are all surrounded

  • *Tu na ek kaam kar South Korea chali jaa* Every Kdrama fan's mom ^^

  • Boo

  • When u said Things in korean You said all of it wrong by the accents and the words you said were wrong based on what it means and what your actually trying to say in English As being korean and judging by how you said it I feel offended

  • I'm so glad to see other Indians obsessed with K-Dramas that they start speaking Korean and craving ramyeon! 😂 Indians in UK haven't caught on to it yet :/

  • Goblin W two worlds Boys over flowers Tale of nine tailed True beauty❤️❤️

  • My 5 fav kdrama is Boys over flowers W:2 world True beauty Tail of nine taliled While you were sleeping

  • Her: comment your top five kdramas Me: forgets all kdramas I've ever watched...😂

  • True beauty High school love on The descendants of sun Cinderella and four knights Hotel deluna❤️❤️

  • True beauty Whats wrong with secreatry kim Heirs Legend of the blue sea Her private life You are so sweet

  • 1. The king: Eternal Monarch ( k- Drama ) 2. Crash landing on you ( k- Drama ) 3. Boys over flower ( k- Drama ) 4. Legend of the blue sea ( k- Drama ) 5. Arsenal Military Academy ( c - Drama) 6. Princess Agent(c - Drama) 7. Princess Silver ( c - Drama) 8. Dating in the kitchen ( c - Drama) 9. Here to heart ( c - Drama) these are the must watch series of both k-drama and c-drama. Specially 1,2,4 & 5........ just wowww

  • i am a army and even a k-drama fan i top 5 fav k-drama are 1- True Beauty 2- Rich Man 3- my id is gam gam beauty 4- I am not a robot 5- my littel baby it is very nice k-drama and that small little girl she is so cute and my wish is endless but still i told you salanghae

  • Suspicious partner and melting me softly is just my favourite ever❣️😘

  • Boys over flower Kiss goblin Legend of blue sea Love alarm Strong women do bongsoon Seven first kisses Its ok its not be

  • 1:- True Beauty 2:- Strong woman Do bong soon 3:- Hwarang 4:- W 5:- Waikiki (both seasons)

  • 1. Hwarang 2. True beauty 3. My id is gangnam beauty 4. The Tale of Nokdu 5. Pinocchio

  • Top 5 kdramas goblin boys over flowers true beauty what's wrong with secretary Kim Lee min ho in it saranghe Lee min ho😢😍😍

  • Thats right . after watching kdrama's its really hard to live in real life.

  • Welcome to waikiki my favourite most funny ever

  • 1. Healer 2.whats wrong with secretary kim 3.true beauty 4.suspicious patner 5.the tail of nine tailed 6.legend of the blue sea 7.k2 8.her private life(currently watching ) Please suggest me some ❤️ after this

  • Oppa means a girl's older brother !!!!

  • I have a similar experience with chinese dramas I love them!!!!!

  • K-dramas While you were sleeping W True beauty C-dramas: Put your head on my shoulder A little thing called first love Go ahead. A love so beautiful Love is sweet Perfect and casual My unicorn girl Skate into love Love 020 Love in time My girlfriend is an alien Sweet combat Arsenal military academy

  • I am not a robot The heirs The doctors boys over flowers Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Saranghe.... My oppa is Kim Taehyung ♥♥


  • Any ' LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA' fan here . I just love this k - drama 😘😘😍😍😍

  • absolutely just like mr

  • I can hear your voice is great as well as pinnochio too 🔥🔥

  • 1.Goblin 2.Goblin 3.Goblin 4.Goblin 5.Goblin... I still can't get over it... Kim Shin aaahh!... 16th episode...I dk why I watched that many times... 😐😥😁 btw... Army???!! 👇

    • Ahhh I can't get over the Grim Reaper Miss Goblin so much 🥺

  • Literally nobody is talking about "uncontrollably fond" !!! You guys forgot about Kim wo bin???

  • Not in order- (exept the names that were mentioned in video) What's wrong with secretary Kim Uncontrollably fond W two world Healer Bride of habeak Modern farmers My ID is Gangnam beauty Korean Odyssey Welcome to Waikiki 1 PENTHOUSE**** Search WWW She was pretty Memories of Alhambra SO ON........

  • I finished all Lee min Ho❤ dramas and movies. Now i feel like there is nothing left in my life😞😞

    • Try other dramas too . You won't be disappointed I'm sure

  • Finally, someone gave respect to kdrama lovers like us! *Sobs *

  • Sweet revenge 2 Penthouse 1 and 2 Hawarang Scarlett heeart ryeo. Hotel de Luna

  • Legends of the blue sea , my love from the star , kingdom , its okay not to be okay

  • My fav pair is the RIRI PAIR!!! I can’t get over them!!! 💜💜💜💜🦋✨🦋✨🦋 They are magical!!!


  • Tale of the nine tailed

  • Secretary kim is the best❤💥

  • My first ever k drama was "Hwarang" I watched it bcoz of BTS V but ended up falling for Park seo Joon and now I am a huge k drama fan 💜💜🇮🇳

  • OMG plz watch the heirs and true beauty it's lit af

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • *K o r e a b o o 😂*

    • @MAMUN HASSAN PATWARY Koreaboo means a (non-korean) person who is obsessed with korean culture, always talk in Korean (as shown in some clips of the video). Wants to go and live in Korea. So in this sense she's acting like a koreaboo lol. 😂

    • There is a huge difference in a K Drama fan and a Koreaboo 🤦‍♂️