FilterCopy | What Moms Say VS What They Mean | Ft. Paromita Chatterjee & Rohit Agrawal

8/02/2021 को प्रकाशित
When mom says: “Do what you want to do."
She means: "Don’t you even dare."
Enjoy watching 😍
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Sripriya Yegneswaran

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Paromita Chatterjee
Rohit Agrawal

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  • Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us what are the other things that your mom says vs what she actually means😂 Follow us on Instagram ➡️

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  • Filtercopy uploads this video Indian moms and their sons be like : First time?

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  • My 3 year old sons comment on the last part: Mother even you say I love you and squeeze me like that na.. will you do that when I become so so so so big also? My 4 year olds reply: Ofcourse she will and then you'll get squashed and become small again..

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