FilterCopy | Savage Comebacks For Every Short Person | Ft. Aditya, Kavita, Rutwik & Urvazi

16/02/2021 को प्रकाशित
Chota packet bada dhamaka😎
Enjoy watching 😍
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Sripriya Yegneswaran

Aashish Thanawala
Pallavi Kedia

Aditya Pandey
Kavita Wadhawan
Rutwik Deshpande
Urvazi Kotwal

Ishani Roy

Jaicy Mathew

Assistant Director
Esther Darlong

Executive Producer
Vir Sanyal

Design And Animation
Ryan Peter D'souza

Color Grading
Ishani Roy

Sound Design
Hardik Desai


Casting Associate
Ashish Chawla

Video Operations
Amulya Prabhu
Raunak Ramteke

Camera Attendant
Avinash Waghmare

Light Attendant
Virendra Kapar

Sound Recordist
Jasbir Yadav

Pritam Kumar

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  • Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us some savage comebacks that you have used😎 Follow us on Instagram ➡️

    • A

    • @ANN NIYA SHYHUঅ দো

    • This was awesome🔥

    • Savage comebacks for fat girls should come....please make it😎❤️

    • I have crush on Aditya🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • I'm also so short..But If I reply that type of my aunty....I will be certified girl who doesn't know manner

  • the trixy cup ad is sooooooooooooooo annoying.

  • He is cute 😍❤️❤️

  • Is 5'8 a good height? Can anyone tell me?

  • Pehle wo cornetto ki wo cone wali ad ab ye 3 layer ke cup ka ad ughhhhhhh.

  • Soooo needed❤️❤️❤️

  • Lol, imagine Jimin watching this. We call him short even though he is taller than many of us😂😂

  • why is this so cringe...

  • 1:33 did anyone noticed that us aadmi ka juta khul gya tha 😂🤣

  • This video of savage and sweet Yoonmin 😆😂 Agree Army?💜

  • Yaar you don't khow how much we can relate 😂😂🙃🙃

  • whats his height though?

  • Ye shi liye ho

  • The first filtercopy video I did not like

  • Can there be a tall person video like this? *UwU*

  • Lmao *I guess this video is dedicated to Jimin🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂*

  • People should be like Aditya, having a comeback against everything, even against oxygen.

  • But he look tall

  • Jio Ser 💪💥

  • ♥️ ❤️

  • ctc wala launde ko dil pe lag gya hoga😂😱

  • Its not that much savage

  • please fatty girls savage ho jaye

  • expresions were good,but feels a bit cringey...

  • That cornetto ice cream ad

  • Are yaar ye chocokissmo ka add tabhi aata hai jab I hate Ananya panday

  • I hate this "latka kar" thing! Tf! I'm not a monkey!

  • Must show this to my whole scl and relatives right now

  • Get Nepali girl

  • He is not even short wtf

  • Savage kla love from assam 🔥👍

  • My name being Urvashi i realised wht the hell is urvazi?!😂😂

  • Whats his height?

  • Me sending this to friend and indirectly telling him he is short 😂😂

  • His expressions are lit af 🔥

  • From everyone in the video or in the comments height is shorter and I am fed up of my teachers and students in school ..😭😭😭 shorter height don't have right to live.... And shorter height people face rascism...not the skin colour people face that much RASICM.... Thanks for advice I will try these to shut them up !!😉😉😉

  • amazing video👌👏...btw, thanks for posting this video on my birthday 😀🤗

  • Totally relatable😂😂

  • Why this look like a South Indian movie

  • I need this🥲

  • Was he wearing that majnu bhai painting t-shirt 😂

  • short peeps: write that down...WRITE THAT DOWN NOW!

  • 😂

  • Exactly what I needed.

  • I'm a 6.3 giant skeleton!😂😂

  • We need more such savage vedios:)

  • Bas 😘😘😘😘👌👌👌👌👌😂😂😂

  • Worst

  • I swear I am only 5 and all people always advice me for skipping bro and they are all men so I give them a back answer that people like them fall for short girls Conclusion. Do not grow taller than 5.3

  • Expressions😂😂

  • Bhsd walo jayda height ho to sala ghar vale upar se sab kuch humse hi utaarte hai, har baaar kahi na kahi sar se takkar hoti hai, kapde nai milte sahi se, upar se photo may bhi piche khada karte hai🙄, iss achha to chota hona hi tha!

  • I'm 12 years and I'm 4'9

  • 💥💥🤣🤣🤣

  • This looks like a tik tok attitude video 🤣🤣🤣

  • Thanks man I needed all those Savage lines 😂 I'm a short man

  • 00:09 ye ukhaad le ge ki phel ke so sakte hai

  • You call it Savage reply Me:- Ismein badi baat kya hai... Mein aise hi normally baat karta hun🙄

  • i love my short height yrr

  • And his voice also

  • He looks like Dynamo

  • Best

  • Every part was really savage & awesome ❤️😂😂🤣🤣... But please don't mind 0:40 we can't tell this face to face with aunties 😅😶

  • oh god.. I feel bad for all the short guys I have joked about..Meh who am I kidding, they were assholes anyway.

  • Totally relatable 😂😀🤣

  • When the "Comebacks" are lame 😒

  • I was really searching these types of videos

  • Hahahahhahabaha

  • Nothing going to change

  • Aditya = it's good to be a gangsta 😈 😉😉😉😉😉

  • I really related to that jumping Nd skipping 😀😀😀

  • Again again rawknee is back😋😋

  • Such fail come back

  • Adi is so cute😍

  • hhjlk

  • 1:28 was awesome

  • Tall people be like Kya karu mai mar jau😂🥴😔 (I am tall Its not my fault/ achievement)

  • Very good 💯 😂😁😁😁

  • Aditya is soo cute

  • Overacting Aditya😡

  • What is rutwik doing here?

  • I loved it!!!

  • Weak ass comebacks..

  • The roast was actually better than the comeback

  • Kavita aunty looks so good in wing eyeliner

  • Aditya is literally taller than everyone else in the video.😂

  • Sorry to say but the come backs were not that good. Filtercopy can do better

  • I am definately going to use one of them...😂😂

  • Aditya is so awesome

  • 😍😍😍

  • Disclaimer : don't try this at home , school or anywhere

  • The savage series are best of filtercopy.... I really like it keep doing it Guys..👍

  • Look i m of 5'10" Lkn height se ghanta kuch nhi hota Na he koi ladki like krti hai naahi or koi Ha lkn tumai CTC zada honi chahiye

  • Everything aside, he's so cute😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Waiting to get some savage replies from a tall person also!😉

  • Yoongi can relate this 🖤💜🖤 And maybe Jimin too😂😂😂

  • Yrr mere short height hone ke vja se mere friends,uncle aunty sab muje advice dete hi rahte hai ki yeh karlo oh karlo height bad jayega ab muje vi ese hi reply dena hoga 🙏🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Best for jimin and suga 😂😂

  • 1:58 i once did the same thing.. roasted my friend and closed the lift gate and he couldn't even give me a comeback 🔥🔥😂😂

  • I am rather on the shorter side, but then hey, leg space is never a problem for me. I can happily stretch myself in the economy class seats of all airlines. 😎